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pre-xmas advice to go green and save

  1. Visit the farmers market – It’s been said that each ingredient in the average Christmas dinner travels 1500 kilometers to get to our table. Shopping and buying from local farmers means your food travels less distance, using less gas, and in turn produces less carbon dioxide emissions. Plus it is usually fresher!
  2. Use the foods you have – Before you run to the grocery store with your year end bonus for Christmas ingredients, consider using what you have on-hand. Even if it is hard to grow food where you live in October, it is typically easy to grow herbs in a kitchen windowsill. You can also incorporate fruits and vegetables preserved from the summer and fall.
  3. Go a’picking - An apple-picking trip to a nearby orchard or farm with family & friends can be fun and productive. Use your harvest to make locally-sourced holiday dishes, like apple pie, apple-cranberry sauce, or hard apple cider.
  4. Minimize food waste – Get the most out of the food you buy. For example, if you’re cooking pumpkins or other winter squash for your meal, roast the seeds — they can be eaten as a snack or used as a garnish for soups or stews.
  5. Don’t Over Cook – Christmas is a time for sharing when we all think of the harvest and a table full of food. However, we should remember not to get carried away. We should only cook enough food to feed our family, guests and have a few leftovers. Because nothing is worse than food going to waste. Rather donate it to the homeless and spread the cheer season to those in need instead of feeding your dustbin.

Happy christmas

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