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The gift of giving

In today's day and age we all are so wrapped up in improving our standing in life that it seems that most people are insulted by the people standing at robots begging especially if they have their kids with them, cargaurds at shopping malls asking for a 50c gets scolded at like they stole out of your car while you were gone. We all live our lives in a way we deem fit but like with all things in life there are turns down the road where you stand all alone, when the people you gave the shirt off your back wont even give you a sleeve off that same shirt. With the economy rapidly crashing and water restrictions grabbing us all by the short and curleys times are tough and for some of us it is unbearable this time of the year.

In December we have become accustomed to certain things. Having a tjop and dop as we slowly start winding down at the end of year, decorating our homes and blaring Mariah Careys Christmas CDs till the sun sets and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but if you have a few minutes to spare you could spend time doing something that can add meaning to your life and quite possibly change the life of someone else. Listed below is a list of organizations you could help out, sometimes all you need to do to truly start feeling the festive feeling is to help some one less fortunate then you. If you cant help them at least don't harm them.

Happy Festivities

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