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5 Weeks to Christmas are you ready?

There of lots of healthier to our planet gift ideas - here are a few:

Buy rechargeable batteries to go with new electronic toys. Encourage propper disposal of used small batteries. i.e.: small battery disposal programs offered by participating Woolworths, Pic n Pay, Shoprite etc.
Consider gifts that don’t require wrapping, such as tickets, gift cards, memberships or houseplants.
Dedicate a tree in someone's honor, or give a "Grow-a-tree" kit.
Give a rain barrel that collects and stores rainwater for watering the garden, it allows you to reduce water consumption, as well as water bills!
Harness a loved one's pedal power with a new, upgraded or second-hand bike.
Help someone get over a plastic bag addiction with a handy, long-lasting shopping bag made from cotton, linen or hemp.
Get creative with gift wrap:
Use cloth shopping bags like the green bag with spraypaint and a stencil you have a brand new bag, boxes, tins or tea towels – they can be reused and double as a second gift!
Cut out the images make gift tags then glue them to cardboard.

Or for something different gather your children and make personalized gift cards with newspaper cut outs as words and odds and ends laying around in your yard of garage like old school project and party decorations left overs. The list is limitless on what you can achive to teach your loved ones that the price tag on the gift means nothing if a gift is from the heart then the only way to truely express your love is for it to be made by your own hands, call it a labor of love if you wish

Christmas has traditionally been a season for giving. However, few gift recipients would welcome a gift of trash, food scraps or old tires. Careful consideration during buying of gifts will reduce the amount of useless packaging material, unusable product or senseless items that end up in the trashcan before Christmas day is over.


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